Songwriting: Trust the Process Sticky post

Trusting My Songwriting Process

When it comes to my songwriting process, I’ll be honest. Expecting instant gratification and results is one of my biggest flaws. It really hurt my creative process. Until recently, I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the journey of watching an idea blossom into a song. I was so caught up on the irrelevant, potential outcomes of whether or not it would go viral. I found … Continue reading Trusting My Songwriting Process

How to Protect Your Music and Receive Royalties Sticky post

How to Protect Your Music and Receive Royalties

You’ve mastered your song, designed the cover art, and want to share it with the world (as you should). Before you release it, we want to make sure you have the information and tools you need to protect your music, properly send it to stores, and receive fair compensation for streams and downloads. How to Copyright your song (s) Your work is copyright protected the … Continue reading How to Protect Your Music and Receive Royalties

Made With LyricStudio: Zell - "Blow Up" Sticky post

Made With LyricStudio: Zell – “Blow Up”

From credits on Young Thug’s “Beautiful Thugger Girls” album to producing theme songs for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, Zhonzell Watson, also known as Zell, is an artist to keep your eyes on. The certified platinum producer and songwriter kicked off his career posting audio engineering tutorials and tips on Youtube. In 2021, he released his debut single “Blow Up,” which was made with LyricStudio. … Continue reading Made With LyricStudio: Zell – “Blow Up”

Songwriting Secrets Sticky post

Songwriting Secrets: Tips Taken From Sessions

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of writing with songwriters and artists all over the world. Aside from creating magic together, one of my favorite parts of co-writing has been observing the way others develop their ideas into lyrics and learning about the tricks they use to make a song catchy and relatable. Here are my top five songwriting secrets to help you … Continue reading Songwriting Secrets: Tips Taken From Sessions

How to Start Songwriting Sticky post

How to Start Songwriting

So you want to start songwriting, aye? Congratulations! You have reached the first step of songwriting: Having the passion and inspiration to do it! But where do you take your inspiration? How do you turn a break up or mid-life crisis into words and melody? We all know words can be hard, and finding a flow and structure can be even more challenging. Here are … Continue reading How to Start Songwriting