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Songwriting Tips You Need to Know

Songwriting is the art of bringing together music, lyrics, and voice to tell a story and connect with your audience. While it is often a beautiful and empowering process, songwriting isn’t easy. Even the most experienced singer-songwriters go through the dreaded “writer’s block” at some point in their career. While songwriting may seem like a daunting task, it actually is one of the most enjoyable … Continue reading Songwriting Tips You Need to Know

LyricStudio Hidden Tricks

LyricStudio has some awesome secret features! These advanced tricks give you more freedom to create unique and powerful lyrics. Here are some of our favorites:  1.  Choose which line to give to LyricStudio You don’t always have to generate from the last line! Select earlier lines that really capture your these, and the generator will use those. We’ve created some amazing songs by calling the … Continue reading LyricStudio Hidden Tricks

How To Write In Any Genre with LyricStudio

Feb 5th, 2021 update: LyricStudio now includes a feature that lets you select a genre from several popular options. Use the tips in this article to write in genres that may not have yet been added to the LyricStudio genre options. We all have our own unique styles and favorite genres. LyricStudio is pretty amazing – it works just as well for Hip Hop as … Continue reading How To Write In Any Genre with LyricStudio

LyricStudio’s Guide to Love Songs

There is nothing quite as powerful as a love song, except for a love song that you write yourself! LyricStudio is amazing at helping you find just the right words to express how you feel.  Whether you are excited about a new love, or upset by a painful breakup, you can express how you feel through the power of lyrics.  Here are some tips to … Continue reading LyricStudio’s Guide to Love Songs

67 Inspiring Songwriting Prompts

Sometimes, all you need to start your next masterpiece is just one inspiring line. We created a whole collection for you, based on some of the most popular songwriting topics. Feel free to use them, change them, and make them your own! These creative suggestions were all created using the advanced lyric generator LyricStudio. Use it to create original ideas just for you – based … Continue reading 67 Inspiring Songwriting Prompts