LyricStudio’s Guide to Love Songs

There is nothing quite as powerful as a love song, except for a love song that you write yourself! LyricStudio is amazing at helping you find just the right words to express how you feel. 

Whether you are excited about a new love, or upset by a painful breakup, you can express how you feel through the power of lyrics. 

Here are some tips to help you express the feelings in your hearts:

  1. Include emotional topics

    Of course, you’d like to list “love” as one of your topics. For the second topic, we recommend going with a feeling. If you’re writing a sad love song, you could write “pain” or “sad”. You can also replace “love” with “heartbreak” if that feels right. If you’re celebrating love, feel free to add feelings such as “joy” and “celebration” to let LyricStudio take you down a happy path.
  1. Start with a high “wackiness” setting

    When you’re starting your song, we suggest pushing that “wackiness” all the way up (you can find the wackiness scale under the “Settings” wheel.) That will give you a lot of creative ideas for where you can take your song! Then, pull down that “wackiness” so that your song stays on track. 
  1. Share your story

    Powerful lyrics play a delicate dance between truth and metaphor. Don’t be afraid to share your own story, just keep it general enough so that others can relate! Type in some lines that express your journey, and see how LyricStudio responds. That’s always super fun!

That is it! Sign in to LyricStudio and get your love song started. There is nothing more healing or more beautiful than putting your feelings into words. 

Happy writing!

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  1. Thank you thank you but I really need help can you please help me make the song thanks and thanks

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