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How To Write In Any Genre with LyricStudio

We all have our own unique styles and favorite genres. LyricStudio is pretty amazing – it works just as well for Hip Hop as it does for Country. But, sometimes, it needs a little nudge to know where you wish … Read More

LyricStudio’s Guide to Love Songs

There is nothing quite as powerful as a love song, except for a love song that you write yourself! LyricStudio is amazing at helping you find just the right words to express how you feel.  Whether you are excited about … Read More

LyricStudio Hidden Tricks

LyricStudio has some awesome secret features! These advanced tricks give you more freedom to create unique and powerful lyrics. Here are some of our favorites:  Choose which line to give to LyricStudio You don’t always have to generate from the … Read More

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How to Write Lyrics: 5 Tips To Get Started

Writing lyrics can be intimidating. You know that you have something to share deep inside, but you don’t know where to start. Start small and build your writing practice from there. Confidence and abilities will grow with practice. But, how … Read More