How To Write In Any Genre with LyricStudio

Feb 5th, 2021 update: LyricStudio now includes a feature that lets you select a genre from several popular options. Use the tips in this article to write in genres that may not have yet been added to the LyricStudio genre options.

We all have our own unique styles and favorite genres. LyricStudio is pretty amazing – it works just as well for Hip Hop as it does for Country. But, sometimes, it needs a little nudge to know where you wish to go.

Here are some quick tips to show LyricStudio what genre you’re thinking of, and get those suggestions in just the style you love.

1. Choose keywords common to the genre

The best way to get started is to provide keywords that are common to the genre that you wish to write in. If you’re writing rap lyrics, select words like “homie” or “Scrilla”. If you’re writing Gospel, you may want to include words like “Jesus” and “God.” You can choose common words as topics when starting your song, or incorporate them in your own lines.

2. Get started with a sentence from the genre

To really get LyricStudio vibing with your genre, let your first sentence be a line from a known public-domain song in the genre (just don’t forget to erase it later!), or make up your own sentence that exemplifies the genre. This way, LyricStudio will give you ideas that fit just right with the style that you have in mind.

3. Stay with your genre through line highlighting

Not every single sentence in your song has to be a perfect representation of the genre. If at any point you want to get suggestions that bring you back to the genre, simply highlight a line that you already have that fits the genre just right. Or, type a new sentence that represents the genre, and highlight it so that LyricStudio knows to use it for its suggestions!

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Enjoy writing in your favorite style, and don’t forget to share your songs with us!

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Happy writing!

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