LyricStudio Hidden Tricks

LyricStudio has some awesome secret features! These advanced tricks give you more freedom to create unique and powerful lyrics.

Here are some of our favorites: 

1.  Choose which line to give to LyricStudio
You don’t always have to generate from the last line! Select earlier lines that really capture your these, and the generator will use those. We’ve created some amazing songs by calling the generator repeatedly on the same line. 

2. Highlight multiple lines

If you highlight multiple lines, LyricStudio will use all of them when giving suggestions! Stick with 2-3 lines at a time for best results. 

3. Use that “Rhymes” and “Thesaurus” tabs

Use that “rhymes”  tab to discover perfect and near rhymes, and the thesaurus to find alternate ways of expressing your idea. You can also feed those rhymes or related words back to the generator under “rhyming word” and get original rhyming phrase suggestions!

There is so much more to discover! We invite you to explore and be creative. We’d love to hear what hidden tricks you discover! If you haven’t tried lyricStudio yet, 
get your lyrics started for free!

Happy writing!

4 thoughts on “LyricStudio Hidden Tricks

  1. “Select earlier lines that really capture your these” Switch out the word these with words like; vibe, mood, story. Other than that this article fire I just subbed and only used it once, but that advice/tip is cool Im going to try it that way.

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