Get The Most from LyricStudio: 5 Tips for Pro Musicians

LyricStudio is a revolutionary new product that can make a huge difference in your writing process as a professional musician. 

You may already have experience with lyrics writing, perhaps it is even your speciality. Pros often describe LyricStudio as a co-writer; another person in the room who can give you inspiring ideas – but you can’t hurt their feelings 🙂

Before we get into how to best use LyricStudio, let’s briefly touch on a couple of common misconceptions. 

  • It is not a database of phrases: LyricStudio generates original content based on your unique style and topic/genre selection. It’s not a database of phrases. As a result, not every idea will be high quality – some, may be quite silly. On the other hand, some of the suggestions that LyricStudio creates will be just right for you – sometimes, outright brilliant. 
  • It is not a ghostwriter: You’ll quickly see that LyricStudio works best when you really engage your creativity. It is not designed to write by itself, but rather to support your creative process. 

We are now ready to share our top tips for how professional musicians can get the most out of LyricStudio. 

Tips for the pro musicians:

  1. Click that “New Suggestions” button a few times: Since LyricStudio generates original ideas every time, not every line will be good. It’s normal to click the  “New Suggestions” several times before discovering a generation that is just right. No matter how many times you click that button, you will always get a fresh new batch of ideas – but usually a few clicks will suffice. 
  2. Amplify your style by choosing Topics over Genre: As a professional musician, you may have already developed your own unique writing style. When starting a new song, select “Topics” instead of “Genre” as your suggestion type. As you write lyrics, the topics-based generator will pick up on your unique style, giving you suggestions that will fit right in. 
  3. Try the “based on last line” setting: To have LyricStudio reflect your unique writing style even better, try choosing “based on last line” in the settings wheel, instead of “based on topics & last line” or  “based on genre & last line”. Then, type a line in your style, and watch LyricStudio make new suggestions that fit with your unique voice.
  4. Play with the “wackiness” scale: The wackiness slider has substantial impact on the generator. Higher settings give more creative suggestions, giving you ideas that take your lyrics in different directions. Lower settings may be better at more directly reflecting the topic and style. 
  5. Highlight lines to give them to the generator: By default, the generator uses the last line of your lyrics to create new suggestions. As a professional musician, you may try a more advanced use, giving an earlier line, or even multiple lines, to the generator. Simply highlight the lines that you’d like to give to the generator. We recommend highlighting at most 2-3 lines. This feature is easiest to use on a desktop device.  

The tips above have helped countless professional musicians make the most of LyricStudio. We encourage you to experiment with the tips, and play around with the settings, to discover how it works best for you. We are endlessly amazed at all the creative ways that musicians utilize LyricStudio! 

If you have any questions (or suggestions!), or we are always here to help. Reach out to us at 

Happy writing!  

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