LyricStudio: A Guide for the New Songwriter

Beginning to write lyrics can be intimidating. Where do you start? How do you find inspiration? How will you keep those creative juices flowing?

LyricStudio is the easiest and fastest way to get your lyrics journey started. It will help you build proficiency and confidence, as you find your own unique lyrical voice.

Here are a few simple steps to get started;

  1. Begin with a chorus/hook: Instead of aiming to write a full song right away, begin by creating a chorus. This simpler goal will allow you to build your lyrics writing skills without the added pressure. You’ll be writing full songs complete with verses and bridges in no time!
  2. Pick a familiar genre or topics: It’s best to start your lyrical journey in a familiar place. Pick a genre that you listen to, or topics that occur in your favorite songs. It’s best to start with common topics such as “love”, “heartbreak” or an emotion like “sad” or “joyful” – just make sure to select something that is meaningful to you.
  3. Select suggestions: The easiest place to start is to select from LyricStudio’s suggestions. Read the first set of ideas that it gives based on your topic or genre, and see if anything speaks to you. Don’t be shy to click that “New Suggestions” button several times to find something that really resonates.
  4. Get new suggestions as often as you like: The “New Suggestions” button is the heart of LyricStudio. After selecting a line, feel free to hit that “New Suggestions” button to get a new batch of ideas that will take your selection in account. Again, feel free to ask for new suggestions until something really speaks to you.
  5. Edit some of the suggestions: As you begin to create your song, you’ll find that you’ll quickly begin to come up with ideas on how to edit LyricStudio’s suggestions. This is great! Add your own spin by editing those suggestions and make them your own.
  6. Incorporate your own lines: You will be surprised how quickly you begin to come up with your very own lyrical ideas. When inspiration strikes, go with your ideas. Over time, you’ll find that yourself incorporating your own lines with growing frequency.
  7. Make writing a daily practice: If you really want to master lyrics writing, there is nothing better than making it a daily practice. Even 10 minutes of writing every day will make a world of a difference. Choose different genres and topics on your writing sessions, and see your lyrics writing skills soar.

These simple tips will make your lyrics writing journey easy and joyful. In no time, you will find your inner voice unraveling, unleashing a world of creative self-expression.

When you become a pro (which will happened sooner than you think!), LyricStudio will continue to support the flow of your creative ideas, keep writer’s block at bay, and help expand your creative repertoire. As you progress in your lyrics writing journey, Don’t forget to back here and check out some of our pro tips!

Happy writing! <3

8 thoughts on “LyricStudio: A Guide for the New Songwriter

  1. I need help writing some songs
    I’ve never written a song before but
    I’m new at this mu self I know how intimidating and in challenging it can be to begin writing songs.

  2. You have helped me so much. Always had trouble STARTING a theme or working lyrics off of a whim. This gives me material I need to create ON MY OWN without feeling like I have a GHOST WRITER. As

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