67 Inspiring Songwriting Prompts

Sometimes, all you need to start your next masterpiece is just one inspiring line. We created a whole collection for you, based on some of the most popular songwriting topics. Feel free to use them, change them, and make them your own!

These creative suggestions were all created using the advanced lyric generator LyricStudio. Use it to create original ideas just for you – based on your own topics and unique style!


1. I’ll be the first to say goodbye

2. You’re the poison in my memory

3. In my dreams I see you sailing away

4. Eternal life will never change you

5. Suddenly I want to be your enemy

6. In my dreams we cannot last

7. Please don’t bother loving me

8. I haven’t played any music about you

9. I wanna run away from this ugly game

10. I’m the victim of your misery

11. The touch of your hand makes me go numb

12. Like a flame that’s just not burning

13. The sight of you still cuts right through me

14. Feel the thunder of my heartbeat calling out to you

15. You flood my heart with doubt

16. Love is the final lie

17. Love is the paradise inside your mind

18. Love is a moment lost in time

19. I miss the love inside your eyes

20. The world need a little more dreamers

21. Goodbye to you and me

22. True love that never fails to flee


23. A strange delight lit in your eyes

24. A little bit of you belongs to me

25. Let me hold your heart in my arms

26. Every inch of me is in your hands

27. I’ll give you my heart but just for a while

28. The touch of your hand makes me want to fly

29. I miss the kiss of your fingertips

30. Your touch keeps my heart burning

31. The smell of you still warms me

32. The smell of your love fills my lungs

33. The touch of your lips makes me feel like i’ve been born again a thousand times over

34. You are the strength that makes me whole

35. A love that’s steadily amazing

36. I’ve listened to every beat of your heart 


37. Feel the sweetness of the sea

38. The silver river of my dreams

39. Gather what’s left of me

40. The fire of my dreams if lighting up my heart

41. Listen to the echoes of forgotten dreams

42. Music of the crystal streams

43. Marvel of the silent seas

44. In the garden of my dreams

45. The clouds have ceased to weep

46. Drifting along in a sea of dreams

47. I can feel the sunrise in my soul


48. Trying to save my destiny 

49. The voiceless night that sings my sorrows 

50. The sirens cried in vain

51. I can hear the thunder crying

52. A thousand years of false relief

53. Just a little bit of heaven and a whole lot of hell

54. Time and space will slip away

55. The road to nowhere

56. Unplug the clock and throw it out

57. My past became my only fantasy

58. The future becomes the past

59. Feels like my life has lost its sting

60. Stop wasting your pain

61. I’m a little too tired to look at this world

62. On the border of an endless nightmare

63. Drowning in a sea of hope

64. When everything you have had been erased

65. The spark of life still burns inside of me 

66. It burns a torch of pain

67. Trapped inside a maze of moments

We hope that you found inspiration in these suggestions. If you need more ideas, check out LyricStudio and get endless original lyrics suggestion based on your unique writing style.

Happy writing!

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