How to Get an Ocean of Inspiring Song Ideas

LyricStudio can be used to uncover a universe of amazing song ideas – in fact, you can easily get so many ideas that there will not be enough time in a single lifetime to expand them all into songs. Because it generates original, new ideas every time, you can think of LyricStudio as a massive universe of fresh song concepts. The trick is to find … Continue reading How to Get an Ocean of Inspiring Song Ideas

67 Inspiring Songwriting Prompts

Sometimes, all you need to start your next masterpiece is just one inspiring line. We created a whole collection for you, based on some of the most popular songwriting topics. Feel free to use them, change them, and make them your own! These creative suggestions were all created using the advanced lyric generator LyricStudio. Use it to create original ideas just for you – based … Continue reading 67 Inspiring Songwriting Prompts