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5 Hard Truths Pro Songwriters Understand

Hey there, aspiring pro songwriters! Let’s talk about the realities of the music industry. While it’s true that making it big as a songwriter takes hard work and perseverance, it’s not all doom and gloom. Here are five truths that professional songwriters embrace and overcome every day on their journey to success. 1. Brace Yourself for Criticism Here’s the thing: not everyone will be head … Continue reading 5 Hard Truths Pro Songwriters Understand

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4 Traits Of Successful Songwriters

As a songwriter, you’re constantly creating new ideas, expressing yourself through music, and sharing your work with the world. It’s a rewarding but also challenging pursuit, and it takes a certain combination of skills and qualities to be successful. Have you ever thought about the traits of successful songwriters and how they made it happen? Here are four key traits of successful songwriters that can … Continue reading 4 Traits Of Successful Songwriters