Trending Lyrical Themes in 2022 Sticky post

Trending Lyrical Themes in 2022

As songwriters, we dream of Grammy nominations and billboards glowing our song across Time Square. However, writing a hit song takes time, practice, and strategy. I wouldn’t say that there’s a magical formula, but there are many common denominators in platinum lyric writing, one of which is the meaning behind the song. After breaking down the lyrical themes from songs charting on this week’s Billboard … Continue reading Trending Lyrical Themes in 2022

Songwriting: Trust the Process Sticky post

Trusting My Songwriting Process

When it comes to my songwriting process, I’ll be honest. Expecting instant gratification and results is one of my biggest flaws. It really hurt my creative process. Until recently, I didn’t allow myself to enjoy the journey of watching an idea blossom into a song. I was so caught up on the irrelevant, potential outcomes of whether or not it would go viral. I found … Continue reading Trusting My Songwriting Process

How to Start Songwriting Sticky post

How to Start Songwriting

So you want to start songwriting, aye? Congratulations! You have reached the first step of songwriting: Having the passion and inspiration to do it! But where do you take your inspiration? How do you turn a break up or mid-life crisis into words and melody? We all know words can be hard, and finding a flow and structure can be even more challenging. Here are … Continue reading How to Start Songwriting