ocean of melodies

Songwriting Exercise of the Week: Ocean of Melodies

Welcome to the Songwriting Exercise of the Week! This week, we will be focusing on the Ocean of Melodies exercise.

The concept of this exercise is to take a lyrical line and come up with at least 10 different ways to sing it. You can use LyricStudio or make up your own line, and then experiment with different melodies and chord progressions to see what works best. You can even choose one chord progression and come up with 10 melodies for those lyrics and that one chord progression. The possibilities are endless!

This exercise is a great way to practice your songwriting skills and improve your ability to come up with creative melodies on the spot. It’s also a fun way to see the many different ways that a single lyric can be sung.

To get started, choose a lyrical line and start brainstorming different melodies. You can experiment with different rhythms, phrasing, and vocal styles to see what works best. The key is to be creative and try out as many different ideas as you can.

So dive into the “ocean of melodies” and see what kind of creative melodies you can come up with! The sky’s the limit!

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