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Songwriting Exercise of the Week: Role-play Exercise

Welcome to this week’s “Songwriting Exercise of the Week” – the Songwriting Role-play Exercise!

The Songwriting Role-play Exercise is a fun and creative way to stretch your songwriting muscles and try out new perspectives. It’s a great exercise for songwriters of all levels, and can help you develop your craft and find new inspiration.

So, how does the Songwriting Role-play Exercise work? First, think about a character or perspective that you’ve never written from before – it could be someone you know in real life, a fictional character, or even an animal or object. Once you’ve identified this character or perspective, try to imagine what their life is like and what they might be feeling or thinking.

Next, try writing a song from this character or perspective. You might find that certain phrases or ideas come to you naturally, or that you need to do some more brainstorming to find the right words. Either way, the key is to stay in character and try to see things from their perspective as you write.

The Songwriting Role-play Exercise is a great way to challenge yourself and try out new perspectives in your songwriting. It can help you develop your craft and find new inspiration, and it’s also just plain fun! So give it a try and see what you can create. Who knows – you might just surprise yourself!

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