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How to Revamp Your Lyrics: Rewriting Cliches

Cliches in songwriting are often easy to fall back on, but they can make your lyrics feel unoriginal and uninspiring. While some cliches can be useful in creating a familiar sound or emotion, it’s important to use them sparingly and find new ways to express yourself. In this blog, we’ll discuss five common cliches in songwriting and provide examples of how to begin rewriting cliches to make your lyrics more alluring.

Instead of “Broken heart,” try:

“Tangled up in love’s web”
“Wounded by the arrow of love”
“Crushed by love’s weight”
“Lost in the ruins of love”
“Haunted by love’s ghost”

Instead of “Dream come true,” try:

“A wish fulfilled”
“A fantasy realized”
“A fairytale ending”
“A miracle bestowed”
“A vision brought to life”

Instead of “Love at first sight,” try:

“A spark that ignited”
“A magnetism too strong to resist”
“A connection that transcends time”
“A destiny fulfilled”
“An instant attraction”

Instead of “Fire in my soul,” try:

“I’m a forest fire”
“Fueled by desire”
“Alive with intensity”
“Ignited by love’s flame”
“Blazing with fervor”

Instead of “Heartache,” try:

“The ache of lost love”
“The sting of betrayal”
“The pain of goodbye”
“The burden of a breaking heart”
“The weight of unrequited love”

By avoiding tiring cliches and finding new ways to express yourself, you can create more alluring and memorable lyrics that truly stand out. So, next time you sit down to write a song, challenge yourself to think outside the box and start rewriting cliches.

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