How Cliches Can Add Value to Your Songs

As songwriters, we often hear that we should avoid cliches at all costs. And while it’s true that overused phrases can make a song sound unoriginal or uninspired, there are times when cliches can actually be beneficial to a song. In fact, some of the most beloved songs of all time use cliches as a way to connect with listeners on a deeper emotional level. In this blog post, we’ll explore why cliches are not always bad, and how they can actually enhance a song’s impact.

1. They are more accessible than abstract ideas

Cliches are common phrases or ideas that are familiar to most people. They can be an effective way to communicate a message to your audience because they are easily recognizable. By using cliches, you can convey your ideas in a way that is relatable and easy for your listeners to understand.

2. They are comforting

Many cliches have been used in popular songs for generations, and this can make them feel comforting and nostalgic. People may associate certain ones with positive memories or experiences, which can make them more inclined to connect with your song.

3. They communicate ideas clearly

Cliches are often used because they convey a clear message. This can be especially useful in songwriting, where you have a limited amount of time to communicate your ideas. By using a cliche, you can quickly and effectively get your point across.

4. Sometimes, we just want the vibe

Cliches can create a certain atmosphere or vibe that we want to convey in our songs. For example, using the cliche “love is a rollercoaster” can communicate a feeling of excitement and uncertainty. While the cliche itself may not be particularly original, it can still be effective in setting the mood for your song.

Of course, there are times when they should be avoided. Overusing them can make your lyrics sound unoriginal and uninspired. It’s important to find a balance between using cliches to your advantage and avoiding them when they don’t serve your song.

When using cliches in your songwriting, consider how you can make them unique to your own experiences and style. Try using them in unexpected ways or combining them with other ideas to create something new.

Remember, cliches are not always bad. They can be a useful tool in your songwriting toolbox when used effectively. By embracing them and finding new ways to make them your own, you can create compelling and relatable lyrics that resonate with your listeners.

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