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Experimenting with Songwriting: Inanimate Objects

As songwriters, there are always ways to spice up your songwriting when you feel like experimenting. Writing from the perspective of inanimate objects can be a unique and interesting way to approach songwriting or creative writing. It allows us to imagine the world from an entirely different point of view, bringing a new depth and meaning to our words. So, next time you are experimenting with songwriting, here are some tips on how to write from the perspective of inanimate objects.

Think about the object’s perspective

The first step in writing from the perspective of an inanimate object is to think about how it would perceive the world around it. For example, a tree might see people walking by as fleeting, temporary visitors, while a book might see its readers as a constant source of knowledge and attention.

Consider the object’s history

Another important factor to consider is the object’s history. How long has it been in its current location? Has it seen any major events or changes over the years? A building might have witnessed generations of families come and go, while a piece of jewelry might have been passed down through a family for centuries.

Explore the object’s emotions

Just because an object isn’t alive doesn’t mean it can’t have emotions. Think about how the object might feel in different situations, such as when it’s being used or ignored. A toy might feel happy and loved when it’s being played with, but sad and forgotten when it’s left on a shelf.

Use metaphors

Writing from the perspective of an object can also be a powerful way to use metaphors in your writing. For example, a broken clock might symbolize the passage of time or the impermanence of life, while a rusted gate might represent the barriers that hold us back in life.

Create a sense of movement

Even though an object might not physically move, it can still have a sense of motion and movement in your writing. Think about how the object might interact with the people or things around it. For example, a streetlight might watch cars pass by in a steady stream, while a piece of furniture might be rearranged or moved to a new location.

Writing from the perspective of inanimate objects can be a powerful and creative way to approach your writing. By thinking about an object’s perspective, history, emotions, and role in the world, you can create a unique and meaningful portrait of the world around us. So go ahead and try it out for yourself – you never know what kind of stories might emerge.

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