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Using AI Lyric Makers to Experiment with Lyric Styles

After songwriting for a while, you may find your own songwriting style. But sometimes, it pays to explore some other styles whether it’s to try something new or to get out of a rut. Using AI can help you explore these avenues by showing options that you may not normally come across. In this blog, we’ll look at five ways to use AI lyric makers to experiment with lyric styles.

1. Switching Styles and Genres

AI lyric makers like LyricStudio may have an option to switch the styles or genres of what is being generated. If you typically write heartwarming ballads, why not try your hand at a catchy pop tune? Experimenting with various styles can help you discover hidden facets of your songwriting abilities and inspire new ideas.

2. Embrace the Wacky

If your generator of choice has the option to change the weirdness or wackiness of the lyrics, then experiment with different settings on it. Play around with quirky phrases, unconventional word choices, and whimsical imagery. Embracing the wacky and obscure can lead to unique lyrics that you wouldn’t otherwise use.

3. Play with Unfamiliar Themes

If you find generated suggestions that pique your interest but are a bit out of your comfort zone, then try experimenting with it! Stepping out of your shell can increase creativity as it forces you to work with things you don’t typically work with. 

4. Merge Styles for an Eclectic Mix

Who said you have to stick to just one style? AI lyric makers can help you merge different lyrical styles to create an eclectic mix that is uniquely yours. Combine the soulfulness of blues with the catchiness of pop or the raw energy of rock with the intimacy of folk. The possibilities are endless!

As songwriters, our creativity is boundless, and AI lyric makers serve as a gateway to explore new lyric styles and expressions. By switching genres, embracing the wacky, exploring unfamiliar themes, merging styles, and collaborating with AI, we can break free from creative ruts and find inspiration in unexpected places Embrace the joy of experimentation, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of new lyric styles that enrich your songwriting journey. Happy experimenting!

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