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Lyric Ideas From an AI Song Generator

Hey songwriters! Have you ever felt yourself searching for inspiration while you’re writing a song? Sometimes when songwriting, all we need is one phrase to start inspiration and cascade into writing a whole song. An AI song generator, like LyricStudio is a great place to get a flash of inspiration that you need to continue your songwriting.

Here are 20 phrases that may spark some ideas from an AI song generator! Read through the phrases and sit with each one for a little bit. See if any resonate with you in any way.

  1. When your dreams are in your hands
  2. Love flies through the night like a firefly
  3. Hold him a child and keep his eyes open wide
  4. My whole life is in the making
  5. Follow me to the end of the world
  6. Never know what it’s gonna take to make a man
  7. No innocent love in those eyes
  8. Falling through the cracks of my soul
  9. How I wish that you were mine
  10. The sun is gone but I won’t cry over you
  11. Didn’t walk away I can’t take the pain
  12. Where do we go when it’s all gone
  13. We are learning how to be free
  14. For the same old love we both used to hold
  15. Beneath the skies and the stars
  16. The truth of life to be found
  17. For the day when all will be forgotten
  18. With a big heart for the whole world to see
  19. We all need something to believe in
  20. Sitting in between the worlds

From inspiring the very next line to inspiring a whole song, sometimes a single lyric has the power to spark creativity in us. As you write your next song, consider using an AI song generator like LyricStudio for when you need a jumpstart. You may be surprised by what eye-catching phrases you will find. Happy writing! 

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