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How to Breathe Life into Unfinished Songs

Over years of songwriting, you may find that you can easily write hundreds of songs. However, how many of those songs are unfinished? You may have some old songs that still strike a chord with you, but you just don’t know what to do with them. If so, here are some ways to breathe new life into your unfinished songs. 

Reconnect with Your Initial Vision

As you delve into your forgotten song, take a moment to reflect on what initially inspired you to write those lyrics. If you left any notes or hints about the idea behind the song, use them as a compass to guide you back into the emotional landscape you were exploring. If not, sit with the lyrics and let your memory wander back to the time and emotions that birthed them. Reconnecting with your original vision can rekindle the passion you once felt for the song.

Adapt to Your Current Self

Life changes, and so do we. Maybe your past songs don’t resonate with you anymore because you’ve grown as a person or are no longer in that situation. But maybe some lyrics can be tweaked so that it is more relatable to yourself now. Think back on the unfinished songs and see how you can spin it in order to make it resonate with you more today.

Keep the Treasures, Toss the Rest

While revisiting your old songs, you might find some lyrics that still speak to you – the gems that capture your heart and soul. These are the lines worth preserving. But don’t hesitate to let go of the parts that you don’t vibe with. Chances are if this is an unfinished song, the lyrics that you don’t resonate with probably didn’t strongly resonate with you back then either. 

Embrace Collaboration

The journey to reviving old songs doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Consider collaborating with fellow musicians or songwriters. Sharing your unfinished songs with someone else can bring a fresh set of eyes and ears to the table. Collaborators might see potential melodies or arrangements that you hadn’t considered. 

In the end, the process of reviving old songs is an act of rekindling your creative spirit. It’s about honoring the emotions, experiences, and stories that you once wanted to share with the world. With a combination of introspection, adaptation, collaboration, and a touch of musical experimentation, you can breathe new life into your forgotten songs. After all, every song deserves its chance to be heard and appreciated, no matter how much time has passed.

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