Collaborating with Pro Songwriters Sticky post

Collaborating with Pro Songwriters

As a professional songwriter, you may have found that collaborating with other songwriters can be a great way to expand your creativity and reach new audiences. However, finding the right collaborator can be tricky, and it’s important to establish clear expectations and communication from the beginning to ensure a successful partnership. Before your next collaboration, be sure to follow these tips to ensure success when … Continue reading Collaborating with Pro Songwriters

How to Find The Perfect Music Collaborator Sticky post

How to Find The Perfect Music Collaborator

From time to time, I hear people say, “If you need help writing a song, you are not a real artist.” Did you know that only 13 number one “Hot 100” songs in the 21st century were solo-written? ONLY 13! If I had to guess, your favorite song was written by at least two or three people. This goes to show how powerful collaborating is, … Continue reading How to Find The Perfect Music Collaborator