How to Find The Perfect Music Collaborator

How to Find The Perfect Music Collaborator

From time to time, I hear people say, “If you need help writing a song, you are not a real artist.” Did you know that only 13 number one “Hot 100” songs in the 21st century were solo-written? ONLY 13! If I had to guess, your favorite song was written by at least two or three people. This goes to show how powerful collaborating is, and there is no shame in doing so. Before the internet existed, you had to take the extra mile to look for artists to work with. There are more ways than one to find the perfect music collaborator. So, where will you find your musical match?

Social Media

Social media has become a vital tool in the music industry. Specifically on TikTok, we see independent artists go from singing an original song in their bedroom to signing a record deal overnight. These platforms are not only an effective way to market, but an excellent way to network and meet other musicians. Spend some time browsing to see who you come across! If you find an artist who inspires you, don’t be afraid to slide into their DMs to pitch the idea of working together.

Online Music Forums

I have met a handful of co-writers and producers through music community groups, many of whom have become my closest friends. If you’re lucky, you may even find a paid gig opportunity! A few forums I recommend using to find a music collaborator are: Make Pop Music, Music Banter, and Reddit Hip Hop Heads.

Go To Shows

With the return of live music, there is no shortage of performances. Surely, it depends on where you live. However, if you live near a big city, more than likely, there will be a number of bars and venues with live shows every night. Check out who’s playing and connect with them after the gig.

If you don’t have any live shows in your area, attend a livestream concert!

Research the writers and producers of your favorite song

This can be intimidating, but I promise, it can be a huge stepping stone in your musical journey! Search for a song you like on Spotify and view the credits. If it’s the writing style you like, look up the songwriter(s)’s contact information. If you like the production, search for the social media profile or email of the producer(s). Send them a message expressing your admiration of their work and how you would love to work together in the future.


Look at your inner circle and see who’s creative! Even if you are not surrounded by people who are musically inclined, try writing a song together! You never know – you may create something worth pursuing. Some of my favorite songs I’ve written have come from conversations I’ve had with my own friends.


If you are struggling to find a music artist to collaborate with, try using the #1 online writing assistant: LyricStudio! LyricStudio is a lyric writing platform developed to help songwriters break out of writer’s block. It’s similar to being in a session with a music collaborator, but even better! LyricStudio provides infinite lyric suggestions from any genre, topic, and style.

Like independent singer-songwriter Floss says:
“It’s like having a songwriting partner. You have great ideas that you can either use or not use, but you cannot hurt their feelings. Inspiring and surprising!”

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