Made With LyricStudio: Floetic Dre

Made With LyricStudio: Floetic Dre – “Message” & “4Everybody”

It is always such a treat seeing the projects our users have made with LyricStudio! Through this platform, we’ve discovered so many incredible artists including Floetic Dre, a Christian rapper from the D.C. – Maryland – Virginia area. Since starting his rap career in 2012, he has released four official albums and has performed at a number of venues and churches across the East Coast. We had the opportunity to learn more about his creative process and what he has cooking up for the future.

What is the story and inspiration behind “Message” and “4Everybody”?

“‘Message’ was a part of a two-track EP that I released in February. I wanted to make a statement this year, so what better way to do this than by creating a song to send a “Message” that I am here to stay! It didn’t take me long to create, write, and record the track. “4Everybody” is a song where “everybody” can take something from it – like a spiritual wave of motivation.”

What is your creative process like? How has LyricStudio impacted it?

“I always come into a song with the topic, but with LyricStudio, it helps me stay on track with my train of thought. LyricStudio’s recommendations made the difference and allowed me to further create!”

How did you find out about LyricStudio?

“I found LyricStudio through an ad on Instagram last year. The ad resonated with me since it told me it would help with writer’s block. After writing my first song with it, I noticed the impact it had on my wordplay!”

Do you have any new projects in the works?

“I have tons of singles, EPs, and albums ready to go. I wrote a song called “Take Care” that will release on July 8th. Also, I have an EP called “The Misconceptions” that will release in July, too. All of the songs I wrote with LyricStudio.

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