How to Get Out of Writer’s Block – For Songwriters

How to Get Out of Writer’s Block – For Songwriters

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a project you were once excited about? Have you ever written so many songs that you find yourself dry of ideas? Chances are you are experiencing the killer of creativity: writer’s block. It’s frustrating to fight, especially if you’ve been working on the project tirelessly.

Here’s the secret: you often can’t fight writer’s block. If you’ve ever pushed back, you may have been faced with irritation and a song you most likely weren’t too happy about. It could even become long term and tear you apart from your craft if the anger builds into hatred.

Here are some of the ways you can escape the headache of writer’s block:

Send your inner critic on vacation

Whatever you do, do not shoot down ideas as they are coming to you. A bad spell of writer’s block is the perfect time for self doubt to settle in, labeling any idea as “not good enough.” So tell your inner critic to leave the room! Sometimes you do need that inner voice, but not now. You can always cross out bad ideas, but it’s much harder to recapture good ones if you let them slip away. Send your inner critic on vacation, and they can come back when you need them – perhaps later in the process, after your ideas had a chance to incubate.

Reconnect with your roots

All ideas have a history. Look back at this time. What was it that initially lighted that spark? Was there an artist who inspired you? Think about the musical influences you drew from the most. It could be certain musical elements, a favorite lyric that you centered your songs around, or even tapping into your own cultural sounds. What about your own story or culture that inspires you? What makes you unique is often what makes your music interesting. Sometimes it helps to get in touch with how it all started in order to reignite that fire.

Use LyricStudio

LyricStudio is a great tool to get your creativity flowing again. If you’re stuck on your next line, simply type the lyrics into the webpage, and it will suggest ideas for you based on your own unique style. Or, you can simply start by selecting some topics and see where the creative journey takes you. As you collaborate with the songwriting engine – it’s a little like a co-writer, where you call all the shots.

As you use LyricStudio, you will discover new words or phrases that you’ve never thought of before. The best part is that you are always in control – you decide what goes into your song. You are free to edit and add as many lines as you want. When you find yourself out of ideas, you can count on LyricStudio to help you start writing again.

Writer’s block is an experience all songwriters share. Be patient with yourself and your creative flow will find its way back!

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