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Take Your Lyric Writing to the Next Level

Lyric writing is like any other art form. The more you write, the more you improve. But what if you already write regularly, but would like to challenge yourself to reach the next level?

Here’s how to take your lyric writing to the next level:

Unpack your favorite songs

The best way to study lyric writing is to study the works of other great lyric writers. Choose a song with some of your favorite lyrics. Don’t just read the lyrics, but fully digest them. Why do these lyrics pull you in? In what ways are they catchy and what has the songwriter done to make them feel catchy?

When you discover what you like in certain lyrics, you can use those characteristics in your songs. This way, you’ll know exactly how to create lyrics that best reflect your style and personality.

Write When Inspiration Strikes

This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s undeniably important. When you’re feeling inspired to write, it’s your brain telling you that it is ready to work. If you deny this invitation, the inspiration will fade away. 

Even if you tell yourself you’ll write later, you may not remember exactly what inspired you. You may find that the feeling is gone. It is a lot harder to start that engine than to jump on the train when it is already rolling!

Not only does it feel great to write inspired, but it will also train your brain to be more open to moments of inspiration in the future. It will keep that pesky writer’s block at bay the more you make it a habit to write inspired. So, when it comes to inspiration, we recommend that you seize the moment. 

Write First, Think Later 

So, let’s say you’re feeling inspired and writing down your ideas. Write them as they come to you and do your best to not make edits as this is happening. The ideas you get during your brainstorming are your ideas in their purest form. They hold the original meaning and your most authentic feelings. If your mind is telling you that something is important, write it down, even if you initially have doubts. 

After you’ve written the initial draft of your lyrics, and took at least a little break, take the time to look over them. See if there is anything that you want to change. This is the time to edit lyrics to make sure that they fit the overall theme and emotion you were going for. Iron out words that don’t sound as good when singing. This is time to make tweaks and consider alternatives, until you are fully satisfied with your art. 

Challenge Yourself with Writing Exercises

Doing unusual writing exercises helps you think outside the box. Exercises like journaling, object writing, or writing responses to other songs may seem strange, but all forms of writing will help you out with lyric writing. In fact, the more unusual the exercise, the more it will force you out of your comfort zone!

Lyric writing exercises also get you out of the expectation that your lyrics have to end up in a song. Sometimes, having that expectation restricts our creativity so we need new and exciting ways to break free. If you’re interested in learning about lyric writing exercises, check out our blogs about Daily Songwriting Exercises and Unusual Songwriting Exercises.

Don’t be Afraid to use Resources

There is nothing shameful about looking up synonyms for a word you want to replace or rhymes for that next line. Lyric generators are also perfect for the times when inspiration needs a little spark. Resources are here to help you! Platforms like LyricStudio (which has all the tools mentioned above) were created to get you into flow and keep writer’s block away. 

As much as anyone may try to tell you otherwise, getting help from other resources doesn’t make you any less of a musician. Masterpieces are made when we embrace tools that are available to us, and use them to express our deepest emotions. 


There are infinite ways to improve your lyric writing. You will always grow as long as you keep writing and are open to learning more about your craft. In fact, you’ve probably already improved a lot from when you first started. So keep writing, and watch your music reach new heights. 

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