what is a lyric generator

What is a Lyric Generator?

Let’s say that you’re in the mood to start a new song but you have no idea where to start. Or maybe you’re stuck on a line that you just don’t like. There are several ways to solve this problem, but have you considered using a lyric generator?

A lyric generator allows you to set a theme, genre or any parameters you want and creates lyrics based on it. There are several types of generators. Some write a single line while others write whole songs based on your input.

However, the best generators are those that allow you to actively write in its interface while generating lyrics based on what you already have. Generators such as LyricStudio are powerful tools as they allow you to have the final say as to what you want your song to include.

Follow these tips to get started with a lyric generator:

Use it as a Fire Starter

If you’re stuck on where to begin, you can use a lyric generator to suggest lines until you find one that hits. There is bound to be a lyric that will call out to you, so keep playing with the generator until you find it! When you do, build off the lyrics and see where this spark takes you.

Grow a Collection of Good Lyrics

Since there is endless potential, you can also keep generating new lyrics (or in LyricStudio’s case, keep hitting “New Suggestions”) and pick out the lines you like the best. Then incorporate these lines into a song. You can gather your favorite lyrics and keep them in a collection for later use.

Generate Alternative Lines

Maybe you already have a song, but there is this one line that you don’t like. You can use lyric generators to transform the line into one that you love. If you use LyricStudio, you can copy and paste your lyrics into the workspace. The best part is that LyricStudio will work with what you currently have and generate lyrics that better suit your song.

Use it to Challenge Yourself

Lyric generators might not give you what you’re looking for on the first go. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t already content to work with. If you find a phrase that barely misses the mark, try to change it into something that speaks to you. This also will challenge you as a songwriter since you’re putting in your creativity to change the lyrics.

Lyric generators are quickly on the rise as musical technology continues to develop. So be sure to check them out and see how it can help you and your music.

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