how to write deep lyrics

How to Write Deep Lyrics

Everyone has their own definition of what “deep” means. You may have encountered deep lyrics that made you cry, feel understood, or even hopeful. No matter what you consider to be deep, meaningful lyrics ignite emotions within us. Lyrics can be powerful and have the capacity to change the way someone sees the world.

However, sometimes, being satisfied with the depth of our lyrics can be difficult. We might compare ourselves to other people or even our past work and think, “how did they write like this?” If you find that you struggle with writing meaningful lyrics, there are ways that you can add more depth.

Here’s how to write deep lyrics:

1. Be Vulnerable

In order to write deep lyrics, you must let yourself feel your emotions without judgment. Look inside yourself and sit with your emotions for a little while, even if it’s uncomfortable. What are you feeling and how can you translate that into words? When you write, write without a filter as this is what your heart wants to tell you. If you actively try to think of deep lyrics rather than feeling it from within, you may block some emotion you could be putting into your writing.

2. Reflect on your Epiphanies/Key Life Events

Think about the times in your life where you came to a profound realization that transformed your way of thinking. Or the times where something life-changing happened to you. What was so special about these moments that it somehow redirected your life and made you who you are today?

Reflect on those pivotal times and put your thoughts and emotions into words. It may help for you to journal about these key moments. Allow yourself to make new discoveries about yourself. Chances are, if you needed these epiphanies in your life, someone else may need them as well. So write them down, and share them with the world.

3. Let the lyrics be open to interpretation

There is a beauty in lyrics that require an extra layer of thought to interpret. You can do this by using metaphors to create imagery or leaving out details about the personal experience you are writing about. This leaves room for people to insert themselves into your lyrics and come to their own conclusions about what your lyrics can possibly mean.

The great thing about this is that you can have this effect on people without even trying. Have you ever listened to a song and came to your own conclusion about what the artist was writing about – but then you came across the artist talking about the song and it ended up being about something different? This doesn’t mean your perspective was wrong – it was simply a different interpretation. And when people can still connect to your lyrics despite having a different perspective, that’s when you know you’ve written deep lyrics.

4. Use LyricStudio for Inspiration

Sometimes when we get stuck, we can’t seem to write anything that we deem as good enough. At times like these, it may be best to spark inspiration from a source that is outside yourself. LyricStudio is great for this as there are infinite possibilities that can be suggested from its powerful engine.

Upping the “wackiness” level all the way and choosing obscure topics such as “moon” and “abyss” are bound to present some profound lines. These lyrics can be strange and exciting, and may require some thought to interpret. If you get a line that sounds meaningful, how could you mold it into the meaning you want? Do you expand on the imagery? Do you take certain ideas from the suggestion and change it to be your own? The possibilities are endless!


It seems as if many lyric writers are on the hunt for deep lyrics within themselves. If your lyrics hold meaning to you, then they are bound to resonate with someone out there, too.

Happy writing!

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