Mastering the chorus

Mastering the Chorus as a Pro Songwriter

As a professional songwriter, you know that the chorus is the most important part of any song. It’s the section that listeners will remember and sing along to, so it’s essential that you get it right. If the chorus just doesn’t hit, then it will lose the interest of professional listeners, which affects streams and buys. So, here are some tips for keeping your listeners hooked on the music and mastering the chorus.

Put the Lyrical Hook in the Chorus

The chorus should have a lyrical hook that is easy to remember and catchy. This hook should be the centerpiece of the chorus, and it should be the part that sticks in the listener’s head.

Combine the Lyrical Hook With Other Hooks

The melody and rhythm should be catchy and memorable, just like the lyrics. The combination of these three elements is what makes a chorus truly effective and memorable. A well-crafted chorus that is lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically catchy will have the listener humming or singing it long after the song has ended.

Shorten the First Chorus

The first chorus should be shorter than the final chorus to draw in your listeners. Oftentimes, this means that your first chorus will be about 4 lines. This way, they get a taste of what the chorus is all about without it becoming repetitive.

Repeat for the Final Chorus

For the final chorus of your song (and oftentimes the second chorus as well), repeat one section of the chorus but with slightly different lyrics. This should then leave you with a chorus of 8 lines for the second and final chorus. This is a popular technique used when mastering the chorus. By repeating one section of the chorus, you create a sense of familiarity for the listener and allow them to sing along.

Start With the Chorus

This can help draw interest in the song from the very beginning. By starting with the chorus, you give the listener a taste of what’s to come and hook them in.

Build Up to the Chorus

The chorus should be the point where the tension that is building up in the pre-chorus and verse is released, so it should be the most energetic and tie in the whole song lyrically. Think of the chorus as the most important part of the song, as it is the section that listeners will remember and sing along to.

As a professional songwriter, mastering the chorus is crucial to creating a successful song. Remember, the chorus should be the peak of the song and leave a lasting impression on the listener. With these tips, you can create a powerful and memorable chorus that will make your song stand out from the rest.

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