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How to Branch into Music Production as a Songwriter

As a lyricist, you’ve written some songs already, maybe even hundreds. But maybe, you mostly perform them live or go to a studio to record your own songs. So how does one transition from being just a songwriter to a producer as well? If you are looking to branch into music production, here we have 5 tips on how to put you on that path!

1. Embrace the Melodic Realm

To delve into producing, consider expanding your skill set by learning about chord progressions and melodies. If you are new to songwriting, tools like MelodyStudio can serve as your guiding light. This AI-powered platform can help you generate melodies and chord progressions that complement your lyrics seamlessly.

2. Start Simple with DAWs

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are the heartbeat of any music production endeavor. Although we heard of the big ones like ProTools and FL Studio, begin your journey with beginner-friendly options like GarageBand, Ableton Live Lite, or Reaper. These platforms offer a range of features without breaking the bank. Dive in, experiment, and gradually familiarize yourself with the world of virtual instruments, effects, and recording capabilities.

3. Basic Gear for Quality Output

A good-quality microphone, headphones, and potentially an audio interface are foundational tools. A microphone will allow you to record your vocals with clarity, while headphones offer a nuanced listening experience during production. An audio interface enhances sound quality when connecting your microphone to your computer.

4. Production Debut with Familiar Material

Transitioning from lyrics to full-fledged music production might seem daunting. To ease into the process, start by producing a song that you’ve already written. Familiarity with the lyrics will give you a strong foundation to build upon.

5. Learn from the Pros

Learning the ropes from the pros can help greatly when you’re first starting up. Collaborate with producers or artists who have a solid grasp of the production process. Their insights can be invaluable, whether it’s explaining technical aspects or sharing creative tips that enhance the sonic impact of your songs.

Stepping into the world of music production as a lyricist offers a whole new dimension to your creative expression. Remember, the heart of your journey lies in your passion and eagerness to learn. Producing may be a new endeavor, but your familiarity with lyrics and storytelling already lays a strong foundation. Embrace the learning process, take risks, and relish the joy of transforming your lyrical creations into fully realized musical masterpieces!

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