LyricStudio Writing Exercises for Pro Songwriters

As a seasoned songwriter, you already know how critical it is to maintain a regular writing practice. Here are some fun exercises to spice up your practice with LyricStudio, which will help to further expand your writing repertoire and take your creativity to new territories.

  • Go for an unfamiliar genre: As a pro, you doubtlessly already have your favorite genres. We invite you to try a new, unfamiliar genre from LyricStudio’s list of genres. You may find that this exercise gives you new ideas and vocabulary to take back into your favorite genre – or, maybe, you’ll just discover a passion for this new creative arena. Either way, it will surely be a great creative exercise!
  • Select topics outside your norm: When making a new song, check out LyricStudio’s suggested topics, and go for something new – something that you wouldn’t usually select. Or, type your own topics that you already know will take your writing into an unfamiliar exciting new territory. For example, if you usually write with highly poetic words like “wistful” and “wondrous,” intentionally select simple, colloquial words as your topics. On the other hand, if you usually write using a direct, relatable vocabulary, give those fancy words a spin and see where it takes you.
  • Expand on LyricStudio’s first suggestion: Here is a fun one! Look at LyricStudio’s very first suggestion. It may or may not initially speak to you. But here is your challenge: Write lyrics using that very first suggestion. This isn’t LyricStudio intended use – generally, go for suggestions that really speak to you, and regenerate as needed until you find true inspiration. But this exercise can really help you flex your creative muscles by turning a random suggestion into something glorious.

We hope that these ideas can spice up those writing sessions, and maybe even help you write that next hit!

Do you have other ideas for how LyricStudio can be used to spice up those writing session? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or leave your ideas in the comments below!

Happy writing! <3

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