Lyric Writing Ideas

Lyric Writing Ideas

As a musician, you already know the impact inspiration plays in your creativity. Although inspiration can be drawn from anything, there are times when finding it may seem impossible no matter how hard you try. So, we’ve organized a collection of lyric writing ideas made with LyricStudio based on ten different songwriting topics to help you tap into your creativity.

With LyricStudio, you’ll be able to select from a myriad of songwriting topics. If you’re facing writer’s block, see if one of these lyric writing ideas can rekindle the spark. But, if you’re already inspired, we challenge you to pick a topic and build upon the idea as a writing exercise!


The moment you looked into my eyes it was you
I’m addicted to your sweets
Holding arms like lovers
Let me be the one you understand and never let go
We’re like a spirit of the night


May the sun shine upon us
I once had a dream of a better life
Give me strength to fight again
We will not fall asleep
Hold onto hope for the rest of the world


Rest in peace to all the dreams I ever had
You really thought I was unworthy of your love
I guess I’m too young to know
I’m a dead man walking another way
The pain inside burns like no other


I didn’t want to be another beast
Sorry I made your world burn
It was a real bad idea but I did it again
The dreams I had of you is enough to kill me
I am not ready to let go of your breath


I wonder if the world is alive tonight
Left me out in the cold
My loneliness is now me
I’ve been on the run and I’ve been in the rain
Every night about this time I have to cry myself out


Like a scene from my favorite movie
I hold back the time as my life fades away
I miss the times that we almost shared
If I could just rewind all those years
Of a childhood that I used to know


You’re driving me up the wall
I guess that makes me the freak of the show
Oh I’m going down in flames
You better stay away from me
‘Cause I’m not the one to play by your rules


Can’t you see the way we shine
I can feel the energy of a generation
We’ll be taking this town tonight
This is something you can’t refuse
The fire is growing in our eyes


Moonlight brings me back to you
I walk the night under moonshine
You are starlight and a moon in the sky
Moonbeams dancing in the dark
Moonlight and nothing to do but to walk beside you


Beneath the veil of the night
I feel the architecture of death
As light goes out the sky begins to fall
I am your new creation
The lies are the truths that mankind has to find

If you find that these suggestions have sparked ideas within you, LyricStudio may be a powerful tool to have at your disposal. Have fun, and keep writing!

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