Made With LyricStudio: Austin Lewis

Made With LyricStudio: Austin Lewis – “Strawberry Lemonade”

Whether it be indie, hip-hop, or country, I love the versatility of genres LyricStudio can help with. For West Coast bedroom pop/emo artist Austin Lewis, LyricStudio has become his go-to collaborator. Through using this online lyric assistant, he was able to finish songs like “Strawberry Lemonade,” an indie-influenced breakup song that paints the story of a relationship that ended before it could begin.

What is the story and inspiration behind “Strawberry Lemonade”?

“For me, the song is kind of like this mid-summer romance that didn’t work out. I was talking to a woman, kind of on and off at the time that I wrote it. We hung out a few times every once in a while and she was really cool, but we were never serious. The song is kind of a love letter to what could have been had we not gone our separate ways. The title “Strawberry Lemonade” actually comes from Wendy’s strawberry lemonade, which she put me on.”

What is your creative process like? How has LyricStudio impacted it?

“I write down all of my ideas as they come to me, so I typically start from a single line. I build off of how I want that line to come across and the tone that I want to deliver it. LyricStudio has sped my process up; offering me the next line in my stanza or giving me a great idea for the following line. LyricStudio is like having an assistant that I can prattle at until I make sense of what I want to say in my songs.”

Do you have any new projects in the works?

“I’m currently working on a deluxe version of my album, Illegal Love Motel, in which I have plenty of new material as well as reimagined versions of songs I’ve previously released. My band that I play bass and sing for, Lakeside Terrace, is recording a few singles and an EP currently.”

How did you find out about LyricStudio?

“I found out about LyricStudio when I was writing a song with a friend from college. She had the site pulled up and was inputting all the ideas we had so far and building off of them effortlessly. We had the song completely written within the hour. Outside of features and collaborations, I didn’t have someone to bounce ideas around with; so I knew I needed LyricStudio as a part of my writing process.”

You can follow Austin Lewis’ musical endeavors by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

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