How LyricStudio Makes You a Better Songwriter

How LyricStudio Makes You a Better Songwriter

If you’re familiar with LyricStudio, you already know it’s a powerful tool for your songwriting and can in turn, make you a better songwriter. It responds to your creativity and offers many helpful features to help you grow in your craft.

Understandably, there are people who are apprehensive about using technology in creative processes. Sometimes, our ego gets in the way and tells us that unless the creativity comes from ourselves, it is worthless. In this case, the best way to work with an online lyrical assistant like LyricStudio is to see it as a co-collaborator, not a decision maker. Better yet, it can help you improve your songwriting abilities.

Here’s how using LyricStudio can make you a better songwriter:

Your writing brain will ALWAYS be on

“Practice makes perfect,” they say. So, the more you write, the more you’ll progress. But what about the times where you feel creatively stuck? The good news is, LyricStudio is great for all seasons of the writing process. Whether you are inspired or hopelessly drowning in writer’s block, you can rejuvenate your inspiration just by pressing “New Suggestions.” With this LyricStudio feature, you’ll never run out of original material again and you can write for longer without having to burn out your brain for ideas. And since you’ll always be writing, you’ll always be practicing. Boom!

Expand your songwriting vocabulary

Ever find yourself using the same lines or words in your songs? While repetition is necessary for catchiness, it can also lead to a lack of contrast and texture in your music. Using LyricStudio will introduce new phrases that you may not have otherwise considered. The more you look through its suggestions, the more likely you are to find phrases that resonate with you. You can also play with the “wackiness” setting. Turning it all the way up will help you find striking metaphors and phrases that are out of the ordinary.

It’s like working with another songwriter (without the hassle)

Chances are, you’ve worked on a project where you’ve missed a blaring mistake and needed someone to point it out. Or maybe you’ve expressed your ideas when someone piggybacked off of it with a better one. If you’ve experienced this, then you know that as creators, we can easily find ourselves trapped in our own perspective.

Working in LyricStudio is like working with a collaborator. As LyricStudio generates suggestions, you’ll be able to look at your work from a new perspective without compromising your creative vision. And whether you pick a generated phrase, change it, or decide to go with a phrase of your own – it’s up to you. This, in turn, challenges you to make more songwriting decisions.


The more you work with LyricStudio, the more you can use it to its full potential. You may also find that writing will come easier to you even when you’re not using it. So, give LyricStudio a try! You will be pleasantly surprised at what you’re capable of.

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