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How to Write the Perfect Song Title

Hey there, songwriters! Have you ever written a song you were so proud of but gotten stuck on what to call it? How do you come up with a title that’s pure gold? Let’s break it down into simple, easy tips!

1. Go with Your Lyrics:

When in doubt, stick to what you know best – your own lyrics! Look for a standout line or a striking phrase in your song that sums up the vibe perfectly. This way, your title and lyrics will be like two peas in a pod, and fans can easily find your song when they’re searching around.

2. The Chorus is Your BFF:

You know that part of the song where you feel like you could sing it all day? Yup, that’s your chorus! And guess what? It’s a treasure trove for song titles! Choruses are catchy and pack the emotional punch, making them prime real estate for your title quest.

3. Don’t Shy Away from Repetition:

Repetition ain’t a bad thing when it comes to songwriting! In fact, it can be your secret sauce for an unforgettable title. If you’ve got a cool phrase that repeats, you’re onto something big. The repetition will drill in the idea, so that’s perfect for a title.

4. Tune in to the Theme:

Take a moment to feel the theme and core message of your song. Then, use that vibe to cook up a title that screams “This is me, folks!” This way, your audience will know what the song will be about and there will be no surprises when they listen to your song. 

5. Keep It Short and Sassy:

We’re all about snappy and to-the-point titles! Short and sweet titles are not only punchier, but they’re also easy to remember as well. While there are some popular songs with longer titles, you won’t find a lot of songs with any more than 5 words.

So there you have it, folks! Crafting the perfect song title is like adding that secret ingredient to your musical recipe. With these tips, your song title will stand out and pull in listeners before they even listen to your song. So go on, embrace your inner wordsmith!

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